At Edgewood we focus on Gathering, Growing, Giving, and Going as we live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We see Growth Groups as our primary vehicle for fostering spiritual growth and Biblical maturity in the lives of Christ followers.

Growth Groups come in two varieties:

1) Smaller groups that meet throughout the week either in homes, coffee shops, or the church. The character of these types of groups are informal and have flexible structures.

2) Small to Medium sized groups that meet on Sunday mornings at 8am and during Sunday services at 9am and 10:45am. The character of these groups are more structured like a class.


We also offer short-term growth group electives throughout the year.

All groups that meet are for the purpose of spiritual growth. Whether the group meets in a home, coffee shop, or at the church, the goal is the same: to do God's Word together so that we become deeper disciples of Jesus Christ.

Who are Growth Groups for? 

Anyone can join a Growth Group! There are Growth Groups for singles, college students, younger marrieds, older marrieds, and so on. If there is a need for a group that does not exist, we will seek to create one.

What will I do in a Growth Group? 

Each Growth Group does some things different from other groups. But in each group, you will get to know others and have a chance to let them know you. You will share things for others to pray over and be able to pray for other people as well. Each group usually spends some time exploring the Bible and making application from that study to their lives. Many Growth Groups volunteer and serve together, frequently enjoy some time together through a meal, or fellowship together in some other way.

How do I find and get involved in a Growth Group?

Please express your interest in getting involved with a Group by filling out this form. We will get back to you and help you find a group that would be a good fit. There’s no pressure to stay in the first Growth Group you try. We want you to get into a Growth Group that works for you to grow! Please click on this link and give us some information to start the process of getting you connected with a Growth Group!