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Posted October 6, 2020

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Online Worship ... NOW STREAMING LIVE! (by Chad Doran, Worship Pastor)

Long before Covid-19, God had providentially placed Edgewood on a path to increase our ability to leverage technology and help us declare the glory and goodness of God beyond the walls of our facility. One of the key aspects of the GROWTIME facility renovation and expansion project (completed in the fall of 2019) was to renovate and upgrade the technology of the worship center. The upgraded systems included audio, projection, lighting, and a multi camera system that were installed just in time before the pandemic impeded our ability to meet in-person for a time. The new systems helped us to stay connected as a church with God and each other. God did that. Thank you for giving toward GROWTIME!

This past week I have been reflecting on the many avenues that God has provided for Edgewood to expand our reach and ability to engage souls to gather, grow, give, and go with the gospel. The opportunity to do just one of these as a church is astounding! Thank you God for the privilege, opportunity, and tools to take Your ministry at Edgewood beyond the walls of the church facility and into the world that You love so much.

Would you join me in thanking God for these opportunities?

• For the ability and tools to record video and audio of our services and make them available on our website, mobile app, and podcast. Our worship services and sermons are available to anyone 24/7.

• For the On Mission Radio Program that airs on Sundays at 11:00AM and 7:30PM on Moody Radio 89.3 FM.

• For the opportunity to air worship services Sunday mornings at 8:00AM on broadcast television (COZI 6.3/Mediacom 106). By the way, this opportunity will continue through the end of the year.

Beginning this weekend God has provided yet another opportunity for people to participate in our weekend worship services. This coming Sunday we will begin Live Streaming the 9:00AM & 10:45AM Worship Services on our website and through Facebook Live!

If you are unfamiliar with what Live Streaming is let me explain in a nutshell. A Live Stream of our worship service creates the ability through a mobile device or a computer to watch the service and through a chat to engage with others as the service is taking place. You may be tempted to ask, in light of all the above mentioned avenues for people to access our weekend worship service, why do we need to add Live Streaming? What could a live stream provide that couldn’t be attained through viewing the pre-recorded worship service? I’m so glad you asked!

Of the many reasons, the best reason to provide a Live Stream of our worship services boils down to one word: Engagement

Of all the ways we have been able to make our worship services available for those that are not gathered with us in-person, none of them presents the opportunity to engage in the way you can with a live stream. What does this mean? Here are a few explanations why live streaming provides greater opportunity to engage:

• Tuning into a set time for a live streamed service immediately heightens the shared experience of worshippers because you are worshipping in a real sense with those that are gathered in-person as well as with those that are streaming from other locations.

• Through our website and Facebook Live we have the ability to interact with one another and chat as an online community about the service or request prayer with our team of online hosts.

• The possibilities for our church to engage with those outside of our church are increased. Invite a friend or neighbor to watch the stream with you.

• You can access the live stream anywhere in the world … well, you’d need an internet connection, but you know what I mean.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues we want to provide as many ways as possible for people to stay engaged with the Lord and each other.

To access the live stream on Facebook Live, make sure you like our facebook page and watch for the notification that we are live.

To access the live stream on our website, simply follow the links on our home page.

Live streaming also creates the opportunity and the need for people to join the effort and help foster this online community. If you are interested in serving as an online host please contact Pastor Kyle. If you are interested in serving behind the scenes as part of our tech team please contact Pastor Chad. Please use the staff connection form to send a message to either of these pastors to get involved.

Whether you are worshipping in-person, on-demand, via broadcast, or live streaming; I look forward to worshipping with you soon. To God be the glory!

Chad Doran 

Worship Pastor