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Posted October 29, 2020

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5 Solas (by Brian Bill, Senior Pastor)

Businesses know how to capitalize on catchphrases or slogans to help identify what it is they do. These short statements are designed to grab attention, they’re easy to understand and they’re memorable.

Edgewood follows four key words that identify what it is that we believe and how we strive to behave – Gather, Grow, Give and Go.

October 31 is the Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, out of which came some short slogans or battle cries.

• Sola Scriptura - In Scripture Alone

• Sola Gratia - By Grace Alone

• Sola Fide - Through Faith Alone

• Solus Christus - Because of Christ Alone

• Soli Deo Gloria - For the Glory of God Alone

These statements come right from Scripture and are as relevant to our cultural context as they were back then. In fact, in light of the state of the American Church, we need a new reformation today.

Historian John Hannah describes it this way: “The Reformation was a call for authentic Christianity, an attempt to escape the medieval corruption of the faith through renewal and reform. It’s teaching, which swirled around a fivefold repetition of the word sola was a radical message for that day (and should be for ours) because it called for a commitment to an entirely God-centered view of faith and life.”

Brian Bill

Senior Pastor