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Posted November 19, 2020

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Thankfullness (by Andy Feliksiak, Administrative Pastor)

This year has been amazing. We have had the opportunity to grow closer to our families, work on our homes and get to know our neighbors better. Some have used their extra time to go outside to do more gardening or walking, get caught up on their favorite TV shows, read a book, or start a new Bible reading plan. We certainly have had more time on our hands.

This year has also had a painful side. We have seen illness, financial stress, job loss, plans being delayed, disruptions on the education front, and friends or loved ones die. The year 2020 has provided us a mixed bag of experiences.

On Monday nights, our Run for God group gathers for a group run. Generally, before we depart on our run, we share a verse or a devotional thought with the group. This week we shared Psalm 9:1 which says, “ I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.” We talked about some of our bad experiences, and we also talked about some of our good ones. We decided it was better to focus on the good experiences and to share those with others.

As we begin to get ready for Thanksgiving, let us take the time to remember what God has provided for us during this past year. It is pretty easy to focus on the bad things that may have happened in our lives. Those type of things bring us down and keep us mired in a pit of despair and causes us to see things in a bad light. But, when we focus on God and on the good things that happened in our lives, we begin to see the blessings He has provided for us.

As we get ready for Thanksgiving 2020, let us take the time to “Recount all of his wonderful deeds.” Share them with your family and with others you care about. Let them know this year has not been a year filled with bad, but a year filled with good. When we do, we will see we have much to be thankful for.