Livestream Guide

Edgewood Livestream Guide

Livestream on your computer

The best option for watching Edgewood's livestream on your computer is through our livestreaming platform. You can even chat with others that are viewing the worship service.

Livestream on your mobile phone or iPad

When using your mobile phone or your tablet you have a few options to view the livestream.

1) Facebook

2) The Edgewood Website through a browser

3) YouTube

4) Through Edgewood's Mobile App

Livestream on your TV or Smart TV

Streaming on your TV is different than streaming on your computer or mobile device. Your smart TV or your streaming device (Roku, Fire TV stick, Apple TV) requires an App to access the livestream. If you use Facebook there is a Facebook App for your TV called "Facebook Watch". However, for best results use the YouTube App and subscribe to Edgewood's channel. Once you follow the link below, make sure you subscribe to Edgewood's channel! Note: You will need to have a YouTube account (free) to subscribe to channels.