Not Just About Music

Its easy to get confused when the word "worship" is used. Often it's used to describe the portion of a church service when the singing or music takes place. While this narrow definition is not technically wrong, it only describes a small portion of what worship really is. Worship is so much more than the weekly exercise that we participate in when we attend a church service.

So What Is Worship?

Worship is the response of giving our whole selves in grateful devotion and expression of who God is and what he has done for us through Jesus Christ our Lord. Worship should "happen" 24/7! In this understanding music is not essential or even central to a life of worship. Corporate worship is what the worship and tech ministries at Edgewood are focused on. One of our primary values is to gather as a church and exalt Christ as we seek His kingdom and grow in Christlikeness.

Check out the information on the tabs above to learn how you can get involved with Edgewood's Worship or Tech ministries and help Edgewood Gather and Grow with the Gospel.



The worship team is made up of the intrumentalists and vocalists that lead worship during our weekly worship services.


We have a couple of different opportunities for musicians to serve using their vocal abilities. The goal of each group is to enhance worship, lead in worship and draw people to Christ.

Worship Team Vocalist

Worship team vocalists lead worship during weekend services on a rotating basis. 1-3 three vocalists are scheduled for weekend services to sing "on mic". Because team members are expected to exhibit musical proficiency as well as an active, growing walk with the Lord, those interested in participating need to walk through an interview/ audition process. Worship team vocalists also participate in the worship choir.

Worship Choir 

The vision of the worship choir is to be a group of people with a passion to worship the Lord with their voices and to lead the church to do the same. Participation in the choir is open to all church members from grade 9 to adult. The primary purpose of the worship choir is to lead and enhance the congregational singing during worship services. Occasionally the worship choir will prepare a musical piece and perform it more presentationally. There is no audition necessary to participate with the worship choir.



Instrumental music ministry is a place for people to use their instrumental musical gifts to enhance worship. The worship band utilizes individuals who are primarily proficient on piano, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums. Occasionally we use brass, wind, and stringed instruments in our services.

Worship Band

The worship band leads worship during weekend services on a rotating basis. Team member are expected to exhibit musical proficiency as well as an active, growing walk with the Lord. Those interested in participating need to walk through an interview/audition process. Edgewood's primary musical style is contemporary utilizing a contemporary band (Vocalists, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars).

Brass | Winds | Strings

We use brass, wind, and stringed (orchestral) instruments occasionally thought the year. If you play one of these instruments at a high school proficiency or beyond please fill out the form below so we can contact you when we make plans to use an enemble of these instruments.

Do you feel like God has given you a talent that could help people at Edgewood worship God? We are always looking for people to join our team and make a difference in the lives of people at Edgewood.

The first step is to follow this link and fill out the form. Pastor Chad will then get in touch with you about the next steps to get involved in the worship ministry.



This ministry handles the technical aspects Edgewood's weekend services and other events hosted at the church. The Tech Team works hard to make services and events run seamlessly in order for the message to be clearly seen and heard. Tech Team members are more than just “behind the scenes” people who are attentive to detail and willing to go the extra mile; the tech team has tremendous influence in the way that our worship services impact people's lives for eternity.

Tech Team Specialty Areas


This team produces recorded video of our worship services as well as creating video projects to tell the stories of what God is doing at Edgewood. From Baptism videos to announcement videos to ministry hightlight videos. Edgewood desires to leverage this poweful medium to impact people's lives for the Gospel.


This team runs the audio equipment for Sunday morning services and other events held at Edgewood.


These team members build and run the visual elements on screen that help people participate in our weekend services.

Get involved! Some roles do not require expertise or previous experience. If you are willing and available we can equip you to serve in the Tech Ministry. Please fill out this form and Pastor Chad will then get in touch with you about the next steps.